Fade-A-Dyne II®

Iodine Stain Remover

FADE-A-DYNE II is an aqueous solution designed to remove povidone iodine stains on floors, clothing, and linens.  FADE-A-DYNE II is not bleach and is 100% color safe.  FADE-A-DYNE II comes in a ready to use spray bottle and rapidly removes stains.  FADE-A-DYNE II is not designed to remove stains on human skin.  There is a minimal odor present after application.

Just spray, let sit, and wipe away.

For Best Results:

  • Treat shortly after contact, and before mopping or washing.  FADE-A-DYNE will easily remove stains left behind by povidone iodine solutions.
  • Some agitation by stiff brushing may be required to remove stains that are old and have come in contact with other chemicals.
  • FADE-A-DYNE II will not remove flooring wax; stains under wax will not remove without stripping the wax first.
  • Older cloth items may have a set stain caused by repeated heat drying.
  • Some older porous flooring cannot be treated successfully.
  • 2 year shelf life